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Our 'FMC Kids' program is one of our fastest growing groups.  With both Sunday and Mid-Week programs, your child will be immersed in a Biblically-centered and energetic environment designed for them to know and grow.

We also have special FMC Kids' Sundays where our children take over the Worship Service.  From praying to preaching, this awesome group does it all.


The Youth Group (7th-12th grade) are the busiest group around.  Along with their normal meeting times, this group regularly works with local and distance mission works as well as attending two different camps throughout the year.

It's not just busy work.  We challenge our Teens to make their faith real and personal, make it their own.  We want to come alongside parents to see this generation of young people Spiritually prepared to take on this world and fulfill their God-given mission.


Our Ladies Ministry gathers every Wednesday evening for an in-depth Bible study. They also meet for fellowship events throughout the year! Ladies 14 years old and up can join our Ladies Softball Team during the summer!


Our fellas also meet every Wednesday for study and work together to serve the community throughout the year. Throw in our Wild Game Dinner and our Golf League and we have a pretty good time too!

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